The First Few Moments

This piece was written for Disquiet Junto Project 0247: Waltz, Maybe.

Looking at Lark Pien’s illustration immediately reminded me of the things my mind goes through when I am recovering from the novel I was starring in while dreaming, and realizing that I am now working my way back to a more familiar territory.

While I attempt to make sense of things there is an order I do not immediately recognize. The land of randomness from which I just emerged seemed to have order, so this piece is built on a serial row of twelve tones selected from the base 12 value of Pi, a perceived random pattern that actually does have meaning.

I selected a brass quintet for this piece. With the ability to blast one from the bed, the quality of restraint offers a warm welcome. So this is me in the first couple of minutes each day, as I transit from state to state.

The First Few Moments


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