Happy Bday, SR

This piece was written for Disquiet Junto Project 0249: 80 Phases.

The main problem was in figuring out how to do this without having the piece last too long. To solve this I did things a little differently.

This piece is written for string quartet, and all four instruments initially play the tune Happy Birthday in unison in the key of C. The second time through the first violin begins to not only lag the others, but changes the key to D. The third time through the viola begins to lag and changes key, as does the first violin once again. The second violin and cello follow suit the fourth and fifth times through.

To avoid things from becoming an incomprehensible mass of notes, each instrument, at one time or another, takes the lead in an attempt to reign things in, and the viola and cello occasionally play pizzicato.

After seven times through (unbeknownst to the listener) the instruments begin to turn around and head back toward one another, so that one iteration thirteen they are just about there, at which point the piece ends. This allows for a looping, where the tune is played in unison and things start all over again.

Happy Bday, SR



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