Lost In Red

The idea of the Disquiet Junto Project 0280 was to use a new musical thing to recreate an old musical thing. Fortunately, the definitions of the terms “old” and “new” were not defined so I made up my own. I decided that something new would be an occurrence within the past 1% of my life (this would include anything in the past 239 days) and something old would be an idea before my lifetime.

For the old idea I decided upon something that would appear new to pretty much anyone on the street but is actually almost one hundred years old – twelve-tone music. I wrote more than my share of this very long ago, and while enjoying the freedom of the lack of a key, never quite got the claim of each tone being given equal importance. In this piece a tone row is used, which is played in inversion, retrograde, and retrograde inversion, but the restrictions of the system are otherwise ignored.

The new musical thing was to use as the basis of the piece a previously written piece within the past 239 days. I decided to employ not only the feeling and intention of Lost In Crimson, but also to retain the instrumentation and build the tone row from the presented notes in that piece.

Lost In Red is scored for Clarinet, two Violas, two Cellos, String Bass and Chorus.

Lost In Red


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