Awakes Etude

This piece was written for the Disquiet Junto Project 0286.

The idea here was to translate, transliterate, and interpret a piece of music, so I selected Awakes, a piece I wrote last year that described my granddaughter when she wakes up.

The piece is in four sections. The first part is the initial sequence of what I wrote.

The second part has been translated. In this regard I thought of myself as a child, with more energy than one has a right to own, which offered its own set of problems.

The third part has been transliterated. I ensured that the soundings of the original piece were intact and interspersed a mockery of the interpretation.

The final part is the interpretation. The original section is hidden within the notes that have been squeezed in between, offering order and chaos.

The four sections work in a circle of fifths, moving from D to A, to E, to B with a G natural.

The piece is scored for piano.

Awakes Etude


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