This piece was written for Junto 0291: Make Music That Sounds Like a Lantern

1 – Consider what might be called the “lantern effect” — the way light is filtered through the textured material of a paper lantern.
2 – Consider how the lantern effect, a visual phenomenon, might have a sonic corollary. That is, answer to the question: What would the lantern effect sound like?
3 – Record a short piece of music that evidences the lantern effect idea that arose from Step 1 and Step 2.

My piece considers the masking of sound as a filter is applied to it. Five notes are initially offered after which a filter is slowly applied. While some tones continue through the filter (no photographic filter is perfect, the steepness of the cut always allows some unwanted light to continue through), the others are removed, only to morph and reform into an altered version of the original. By the time the piece has completed, the five tones have been offered as twelve different forms.

For what it is worth, I tried to figure out the chord that was employed and a chord namer program offered “Minor 6th Add 14th” in case that is helpful. If interested, as always, the score is available.

This piece is written for impossible chorus.



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