Rude Mechanicals

Rude Mechanicals was written in response to Disquiet Junto Project 0339: Rude Mechanicals.

  Step 1: Imagine there is a genre called “rude mechanicals.”
  Step 2: Imagine what might characterize the “rude mechanicals” genre.
  Step 3: Create an original piece of music in the genre called “rude mechanicals.”

Thinking about this, I envisioned a group of misfits, probably devotees of Harry Partch’s music, taking over an abandoned factory and making musical instruments from the machines that inhabited the space. They occasionally get together to engage in organized chaos.

Rude Mechanicals was written for Timpani, Drum Set, Anvil, Bass Drum, Maracas, Gong, Tambourine, Tom-toms, Triangle, Whistle, Whip, Tubular Bells, Cello and two String Bases.

Rude Mechanicals
Rude Mechanicals – Score

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