Concrete Wallpaper

Concrete Wallpaper was written in response to Disquiet Junto Project 0371: Concrete Ambience

The Assignment: What could concrete wallpaper music sound like?
Step 1: Consider the concept of wallpaper music.
Step 2: Consider wallpaper designed to look like concrete.
Step 3: Consider what concrete wallpaper music might sound like.
Step 4: Record concrete wallpaper music.

I imagine looking at a wall from a distance and deciding to meditate on it, its strength, its impermeability. I then walk closer to the wall and meditate. The wall has pock marks and scratches. The imperfections in the wall form patterns that I follow as I meditate. I move very close to the wall and see that it is actually wallpaper, and meditate on the smoothness until I awake.

Concrete Wallpaper was written for five Trombones, two Bass Trombones and Tuba.

Concrete Wallpaper
Concrete Wallpaper – Score

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