Awakened From Sleep

This piece was written in response to Naviarhaiku297 – awakened from sleep

     awakened from sleep
     surprised by the darkness–
     late autumn

The haiku was by Mizuhara Shuoshi, a 20th century Japanese poet. Shuoshi rebelled against the principles of emotional detachment in haiku, which he thought limited his ability to emotionally express himself through poetry: he started a magazine called Staggerbush which focused on a more romantic, lyrical type of haiku.

I seldom sleep throughout the night, typically I wake up two or three times then go back to sleep. I generally try to make sense of the senseless dream that preceeded my current state, which should be the subject of a haiku itself.

Awakened From Sleep was written for four bowed Vibraphones, Cymbals, three solo Violins and solo Viola.

Awakened From Sleep
Awakened From Sleep – Score

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