Town On The Horizon – for Elijah

This piece was written in response to Naviarhaiku302 – bursts from our guns

     bursts from our guns
     the town on the horizon
     a brief vision of light

The haiku was by Julien Vocance published “Cent visions de guerre” (A Hundred Visions of War) in 1916. From the battlefield of World War I, this French soldier decided to express his emotions of life in the trenches in the form of haiku.

To accompany this piece I wrote my own haiku:

     The world’s other side,
     Old man, an uncaring shrug,
     Lives changed forever.

The abandonment of an ally that fought and died for us is a dark time for our country.

This piece is dedicated to Elijah Cummings, son of sharecroppers, civil rights leader, statesman, man of the people, whose last act in life was to subpoena the administration for the targeting of immigrant children with life-threatening illnesses for deportation. My representative will be missed by all.

(The image is a photograph I took of him in 1998 at an anti-KKK rally in Annapolis, MD.)

Town On The Horizon was written for Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Trombone, Bass Drum, Cymbals, Gong, Snare Drum, Triangle, Tubular Bells, Vibraphone, Piano, and Chorus

Town On The Horizon – for Elijah
Town On The Horizon – for Elijah – Score
Town On The Horizon – for Elijah – Score on YouTube

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1 Response to Town On The Horizon – for Elijah

  1. Steve Kaben says:

    A very moving and powerful piece, George, that evokes the beauteous power and conscience of Elijah. Well done!


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