Connection String

Connection String was written in response to Disquiet Junto Project 0412: One Chord Wonder
     Step 1: Choose a chord, any chord.
     Step 2: Make a list of the notes that the chord is comprised of.
     Step 3: Record a piece of music in which each of the notes in the chord are played by different instruments (more broadly: different sound sources).
     Step 4: As the piece proceeds, change each of the instruments/sources, while never altering the notes that make up the chord..

Connection String was written to reflect my annoyance with errors in the connection strings within my coding. When I was writing, for some reason I always seemed to have a problem with the connection string. This piece follows the inner workings of a connection string trying to reach the data source and make sense of what is supposed to happen. I used a Cmaj13 chord as the basis of this piece.

Connection String was written for Flute, Clarinet, Horn, Trombone, Vibraphone, two Solo Violins, Solo Viola, Solo Cello, Solo String Bass.

Connection String
Connection String – Score

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