Haiku Music – Volume 7

Haiku Music – Volume 7

My seventh haiku album – nine musical interpretations inspired by nine haiku.

Listen free and/or support the artist. The links below display the scores.

Summer Nightfall 4:15
summer nightfall
the sky slowly regains
its colours
Summer Sleep 9:31
waking from summer sleep–
moon gazing
on the levee
Awakened From Sleep 6:00
beyond Pluto
the pull of a planet
dark moon
Evening Haze 8:34
awakened from sleep
surprised by the darkness–
late autumn
Polarized Sky 6:20
polarized sky
the mixed melodies
of twilight birds
The Sky I See 6:30
the sky I see
seems full of
magnolia blossoms
The Madder Red Of The Twilight 7:10
The clear day in the rainy season.
The madder red of the twilight appeared
And vanished instantly.
Night Ends In Hills 8:25
night ends in hills
before clocks strike four –
cloud covered sun hides
Ripples Reflecting The Light Of Dawn 7:25
Ripples on water
reflecting the light of dawn
the breaking of day

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