Haiku Music – Volume 8

Haiku Music – Volume 8

My eighth self-published haiku music album – nine musical interpretations inspired by nine haiku.

Listen free and/or support the artist. The links below display the scores.

A Clear Waterfall 4:36
a clear waterfall
into the ripples
fall green pine needles
.. Issa
Wind Turbines Harvest Silver Fog 8:52
spring dawn
wind turbines harvest
silver fog
.. Michael Baeyens
Brave Soldiers Dream 9:35
The summer grasses
All that remains
Of brave soldiers dreams
.. Matsuo Basho
The Beach Waves Break Up The Plovers 7:41
Each time they roll in
the beach waves break up
the plovers
.. Shiba Sonome
The Shore Of A River 7:13
I’m on the shore of a river
on some rocky path, on a hillside
my way home
.. Jamie Lickfold
When I Gazed Down The Ocean 8:59
When I gazed down the ocean,
I could see with amazement
The countless lights that shone
.. Marco Sebastiano Alessi & Talk to Transformer
Between Houses 11:38
a mountain stream splashes out
between houses
.. Masaoka Shiki
Night Train 5:26
night train
the briefly lit lives
of others
.. Mark Gilfillan
Town On The Horizon – for Elijah 15:49
bursts from our guns
the town on the horizon
a brief vision of light
.. Julien Vocance

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