Haiku Music – Volume 9

Haiku Music – Volume 9

My ninth self-published haiku music album – ten musical interpretations inspired by ten haiku.

Listen free and/or support the artist. The links below display the scores.

Always The First To Bloom 8:44
four, five, nine years
always the first to bloom…
cherry tree
… Kobayashi Issa
Autumn Wind 7:06
Whenever I speak
My lips are
chilled— Autumn wind.
… Basho
Reflections 7:57
in the water
a traveler
… Santōka
Walking The Sky 7:16
Walking the sky
a clear moon
all alone
… Ogiwara Seisensui
The Light Snow 6:50
The light snow.
The ice without any trace
On the lake.
… Kawahigashi Hekigoto
Innumerable Stars 8:32
Innumerable stars
Looks like floated algae
In my mind
… Dakotsu Iida
Bitter Winter Wind 8:37
bitter winter wind
ends there —
sound of the sea
… Ikenishi Gonsui
One Push Of The Door 8:53
One push of the door, a single step
And the corridor seems to stretch
As far as the eye can see.
… Takuboku Ishikawa
Beyond the Smoke Is Light 9:26
Life here was marvelous
But we are slaughtering the world
Watch the forests burn
… Marco Sebastiano Alessi
Little Dragonfly Hunter 8:45
my little dragonfly hunter
I wonder how far
he has gone today…
… Chiyo-ni

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