Haiku Music – Volume 10

My tenth and final self-published haiku music album – ten musical interpretations inspired by ten haiku.

Full album here.

The Emptiness of My Mosquito Net 6:11
sleeping, waking
the emptiness
of my mosquito net
… Chiyo-ni
The Heavy Leaf 7:33
See the heavy leaf
on the silent windless day
falls of its own will.
… Nozawa Bonchō
The Last Kite 5:53
the last kite
carries the setting sun
in its wings
… Aju Mukhopadhyay
Traveling Monk 7:42
the sun set behind
a traveling monk
tall in the withered field
… Masaoka Shiki
Unknowable Blue 6:20
true tranquillity
hiding underneath creased sheets –
unknowable blue
… Mark Morris
A White Feather Fell 9:22
A bird flew past
very close
a white feather fell
… Mats Unden
A Wild Sea 9:27
A wild sea-
In the distance over Sado
The Milky Way.
… Matsuo Bashō
Through the City 4:18
meandering through the city
cars around
infinite game
… Bartosz Leszczyński
Peaks of Cloud 6:47
Peaks of cloud:
The ship has crossed
A windless sea.
… Natsume Soseki
The Bell of Life Passing – For a Lucky Dawg 11:49
from evening mist
the bell
of life passing
… Issa

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