My second album – nine pieces inspired by nine haiku. Listen free and/or support the artist.

Springtime in Edo
   Springtime in Edo,
   Not a day passes without
   A temple bell sold
Lighting The Sky
   Now gathering,
   Now scattering,
   Fireflies over the river.
Pampas Faces
   Lightning flash–
   what I thought were faces
   plumes of pampas grass
Room To Sky
   leaving the hospital room
   autumn mountains
Miles Upon Miles
   We’ve explored miles
   Drive until the light gives out
   Drive the day away
I Taste The Mountains
   In the calm stillness
   after the rainstorm:
The Silent Night Sea
   wind blows its way to
   sea. deep in night.
This Ruined House
   the pear blossoming…
   after the battle this
   ruined house
Years Gone By
   Considering the years gone by
   To be a giant
   I walk away


Wyndham Rain: This is some truly marvelous music. Spellbinding, enchanting, pulling on the strings of the heart like nothing I’ve heard in recent years. Walking the razor’s edge of sentimentality without ever really falling off. Gorecki, yes, but also Ives, Britten and Barber, and that inimitable and ultimately utterly unique phenomenon we call personal style.
If this is Mr. Smyth’s winter, what joy awaits us in the spring?

  1. Leaving My Thoughts 18:15
  2. Forest And Clearing 20:53
  3. A Week Unknown 15:48
  4. Winterfylleth 13:00