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The Sun Returns

This piece was written Disquiet Junto Project 0292: Eclipse Music and is dedicated to the memory of Bassel Khartabil. I have seen two eclipses and hope to see another one soon, weather permitting. I imagined a time when eclipses were … Continue reading

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The Day Begins in Crisfield

This piece was written for Disquiet 0269: Record Half a Duet. One morning while my wife was visiting family I woke at 4am. It was one of those instances where I knew that I would not be going back to … Continue reading

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This piece was written for Disquiet Junto Project 0254: Fog and Steam. When taking my seventeen month old granddaughter to the library we go under train tracks on the way. Sometimes we can hear a train coming from a distance so … Continue reading

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The First Few Moments

This piece was written for Disquiet Junto Project 0247: Waltz, Maybe. Looking at Lark Pien’s illustration immediately reminded me of the things my mind goes through when I am recovering from the novel I was starring in while dreaming, and realizing that … Continue reading

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