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In Times Of War (condensed)

This piece was written in response to Naviarhaiku 205 – shrapnel.   shrapnel   brings from the grove of trees   a circle of birds This is a haiku by Georges Sabiron, who lost his life in the trenches of northern France in … Continue reading

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Miles Upon Miles

This piece was written in response to Naviarhaiku 200.   We’ve explored miles /   Drive until the light gives out /   Drive the day away For me driving starts out as a joy, though a somewhat necessary one, which hobbles it. … Continue reading

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Leaving My Thoughts (condensed)

This piece was written in response to naviarhaiku 199.     Going forth…     Leaving my thoughts     In a sasanqua flower. This short piece for three instruments works on the idea of expansion and contraction, introduction and consolidation. The sasanqua flower is a … Continue reading

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Water can exist in the three states, gas, liquid and solid. States looks at these three, with recordings of each, our tea kettle, overflow from Lake Kittamaqundi, and cracking ice.   States   Gas – for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and … Continue reading

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The Sun Returns

This piece was written Disquiet Junto Project 0292: Eclipse Music and is dedicated to the memory of Bassel Khartabil. I have seen two eclipses and hope to see another one soon, weather permitting. I imagined a time when eclipses were … Continue reading

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The Day Begins in Crisfield

This piece was written for Disquiet 0269: Record Half a Duet. One morning while my wife was visiting family I woke at 4am. It was one of those instances where I knew that I would not be going back to … Continue reading

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This piece was written for Disquiet Junto Project 0254: Fog and Steam. When taking my seventeen month old granddaughter to the library we go under train tracks on the way. Sometimes we can hear a train coming from a distance so … Continue reading

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