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Fighting The Default Mode

Fighting The Default Mode was written in response to Disquiet Junto Project 0321: Let’s Active. Mind-wandering is an internally-oriented cognitive state somehow opposite to focused attention on a task or on a specific sensory input. Sad music, compared with happy … Continue reading

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Miles Upon Miles

This piece was written in response to Naviarhaiku 200.   We’ve explored miles /   Drive until the light gives out /   Drive the day away For me driving starts out as a joy, though a somewhat necessary one, which hobbles it. … Continue reading

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Bassel Speaks

This piece was written for Disquiet Junto Project 0294: Offline Status Bassel Khartabil was an open-source coder who did a lot of work in CGI before being imprisoned in Syria. Word of his execution just recently became public. Record a … Continue reading

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Green And Black

The idea of Disquiet Junto Project 0288: Interspecies Duet was to use samples of two different animals and have them make music together, with a bonus for adding myself. I decided to use existing samples I have made over the … Continue reading

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Patterns And Decorations

This piece was written for Disquiet Junto Project 0278: MacConnel’s Jingle. Kim MacConnel was a primary in the Pattern and Decoration art movement of the mid-1970s, which had an interest promoting trivialities as seen by Western culture, such as patterning. … Continue reading

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Broken Doorbell

This piece was written for Disquiet Junto Project 0253: Doorbell Rehab. Our doorbell does not work. However, when someone does press it I am sure that it wants to ring. I imagine what it would like to do and how its … Continue reading

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